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The story we all need to be recounting to ourselves and to others every day. When my grandchildren age 6 looked through the book, it inspired them to create their own stories. Though there are some shining exceptions, i am not a fan of storybooks that go along with their story to then have a fully illustrated spread with no words at all. Ive always enjoyed the magic of wordless picture books. After my list of wordless picture books, some parents said they felt lost and didnt know how to read wordless books with kids. Our version of the wordless book has a green cover and also includes 2 gold spreads one at the beginning, and another at the end.

The wordless book when i was in high school my youth group went on a missions trip to inner city philadelphia. Evidence points to it being invented by the famous london baptist preacher charles haddon spurgeon, in a message given on january 11, 1866 to several hundred orphans regarding psalm 51. If you would like a printable outline for presenting the wordless book, click here. It was so cool to see hear my daughter read me this book. Although many adults have been led to christ with it as well. The wordless book visualised 7 allow children to respond. Aug 16, 2018 wordless book have to tell the story without text, so they are the perfect tool for enhancing reading comprehension. Wonderful wordless books you dont always have to use words to tell a story sometimes an authorillustrator can convey plot and characters with only pictures. Wordless books become a perfect model for explaining the significance of creating high quality illustrations and for inspiring young artists. Sharing the wordless book gospel printable paradise praises.

The wordless book is a christian evangelistic book. Moody, fanny crosby, and amy carmichael used the same illustration. Each time someone shares the wordless book, those listening learn about heaven and gods love for them, the darkness of sin, the blood of christ, a clean heart and how to grow in christ. The wordless book was introduced by charles spurgeon in 1866 as a method to explain the gospel. It speaks through the universal language of colour.

An article by will hillenbrand, author of snowmans story. The book will be available in june 2105 and it is a musthave for any wordless picture book library. The black page represented sin, the red represented christs blood, and the white page represented the cleansing of our sins through jesus sacrifice. The wordless book is unique in that its content must be communicated solely through the use of illustrations. In striving to enrich the lives of all readers, teachingbooks supports the first amendment and celebrates the right to read.

The story is one that students will want to revisit repeatedly. Although colors have been added over the years, the story it tells has never changed. Wordless books are exactly what the term impliesbooks that tell a story, but without printed story text. Todays version of the wordless book typically includes gold to represent heaven as well as green to represent growth in our relationship with jesus.

Admittedly, this is one of my favorite bimonthly themes for the year. Nov 18, 2014 here are some of the best wordless books on the market today. Yet the wordless book conquers without any words, and it has been doing so for well over 100 years. You can make it out of papers of different colors, though some have used bracelets and ornaments to tell the story as well.

And once you know what each color means, the wordless book definitely has a lot to say. A new york times best illustrated book designed to present youngsters with a moral choice. It contains 5 colours that each represent parts of the gospel. A wordless book is a book that tells a story purely through the illustrations. Teaching retelling with wordless picture books paige. List of wordless picture books our wordless picture book special for march and april 2011. The wordless book, first designed with only three pagesblack, red, and whitewas introduced by charles spurgeon in 1866. Make your own wordless book let the little children come. A wordless book is a great introduction to the world of books and reading for a preschool or prek child. Its a book partly told in pictures without words, but a great part of the book is a novel with lots of words. Even without words, this book tells us a story about god and the best gift of all. Throughout the years preachers, writers, and missionaries like d. Instead of using words to tell the story, it uses colors.

How to make a wordless book printable paradise praises. Free wordless book christmas tree craft diy activityidea using the wordless book theme. One thing that makes it so special is that its a true story right from gods word, the bible. Type out your childs version of the story and keep it with the book or use post it notes to attach the text to each page.

Why they are great for kids, what they can learn by reading them, and fun ways to use them. The wordless colour book the gospel story godly ladies. The wordless book, first designed with only three pagesblack, red, and. Wordless book 60 cents each free shipping how to use. And children love them they can really pore over the pictures and create their own story in their own words. Sharing wordless books is a terrific way to build important literacy skills, including listening skills, vocabulary, comprehension and an increased awareness of how stories are structured. One of the most popular and effective tools for witnessing, using colors to present the message of salvation.

The wordless book is one of the most effective ways to present the gospel to children. Flotsam is our alltime favorite wordless picture book for boys. Because of their depth and complexity, wordless books can stimulate an older childs thinking and imagination in ways that a chapter book may not. This method of evangelism has been so effective that there are now many variations available.

Wordless picture books 284 books goodreads share book. Child evangelism fellowship of north san diego county created this. Last but not leastmake wordless picture books of your own. A wordless book is a great little tool for sharing the gospel. The illustrations are sweet and in full motion of a childs life. Wordless picture books using wordless picture books, children can begin to develop an understanding of how books workreading from left to right, front to back. The wordless book and the salvation colors bracelet have proven to be a. They raised it up in a cart pulled by oxen and went from village to village using it as a text to spread the gospel. Have you ever seen a book without words or pictures. An audience will enjoy something new and different. Wordless books help students practice writing skills in authentic contexts using illustrated pictures as their guide.

They are especially helpful in teaching the basic gospel story to. Although primarily used with children, many of all ages have come to christ after hearing the message of the gospel conveyed simply through the colors of the wordless book. The wordless book discover its rich heritage child evangelism. Mar 02, 2015 there is a new picture book coming out by daniel miyares called float that i have to tell you about. The wordless book has become very popular throughout the world as an evangelism tool for children. Bible story craftsbible school craftsbible crafts for. Aug 28, 2015 today we are going to explore the benefits of wordless picture books. Although you might assume the wordless book is designed primarily for children, adults can also be effectively reached by it. Often we think we need to have all these verses memorised to present the gospel to someone. A place that encourages others in their walk with the lord and is intent on sharing the good news of jesus christ to all the world. Thanks everyone for your effort and patience in making this movie.

This book of colored pages tells a wonderful story from the bible about the. Use for sunday school, childrens church, kids, grandkids, and more. The wordless book is a tool to help you share the good news of jesus christ. I think wordless picture books are great to use because the students get to tell their own story based on the pictures. It interrupts the flow of the story, and if storytime is before bed, you really dont want the child to get wound up. Its a wonderful book, but anyone looking for wordless picture books would be quite disappointed with how many words are in that one.

The power of wordless picture books playful learning. Glue the boxes on the backs of the pages so that you can read the information as you shuffle through the colors. The wordless colour book is an easy to make tool for sharing the gospel with children, and even adults the book is very basic. It was first used in 1866 by charles spurgeon and it has proven to be a timeless means of teaching the gospel of jesus christ to children. Book and tell the children, whom she dearly loved, the story of the. We painted a building there, did bible clubs in ghetto playgrounds and had nighttime services with footwashing and communion. The wordless book can be used in large groups, small groups, or oneonone situations. Hello, i would like to tell you a wonderful story from this book. The wordless book first used by charles spurgeon in 1866 comprised only 3 colors black, red and white. Wordless book items child evangelism fellowship store. First used by charles spurgeon in 1866, the wordless book has become a very popular tool used all. Consequently, wordless picture books have become a distinct genre within the world of literature.

The gospel colors are a great way to lead a child to salvation. So many times we, as adults, forget just how vital pictures are to a story. Show the child the gold spreads at the front and back of the wordless book. Wordless books often promote more discussion than books with words, which leads to. Since then ive used the wordless book with many young children, and have created some printables and other resources to use this tool in a homeschool, small group, or sunday school setting. The story of love, redemption, salvation, and adoption. Telling the story of the wordless book to children youtube. And, without text, the reader can narrate the story, even changing the details each time. Book sku8100 1 start by showing the child the wordless book.

But wordless picture books arent just for preschoolers. Wordless book instructions let the little children come. Here are some of the best wordless books on the market today. An animated film created during swiss camp 2012, keb kilchzimmer. T his past week, i was talking with someone about using the wordless book to share the gospel with children. Gather and order a piece of black, red, white, gold, and green construction paper. These versatile books can be especially enjoyable and useful for older kids. Famous london preacher charles spurgeon was first known to use it in a message to hundreds of orphans in 1866. A young boy makes a boat out of a piece of newspaper on a rainy day.

The little book with no words has been used as a tool to lead untold numbers to the lord jesus christ. The wordless book makes the truth of the gospel very simple. One of the most popular tools for witnessing, the wordless book presents the salvation message using five colored pages to represent heaven and gods love, the darkness of sin, the blood of christ, a clean heart and. This book of colored pages tells a wonderful story from the bible about the true and living god who made the world. Child evangelism fellowship began to print the books with instructions in 1939. The wordless book can be used in many different circumstances. Illustrated books for kids to practice writing skills. Rainstorm barbara lehman wordless book that tells a story of a boy who finds a key to a treasure box that leads him to a lighthouse where he has adventures with new friends. There are no words in the wordless book, just 5 great colors. It is called a book, as it is usually represented with pages, although it can be shown on a single page or banner. Sharing the wordless book gospel printable paradise. When i start teaching retelling in first grade i love to use wordless picture books. The illustrators of wordless books communicate emotion, humor, and engaging detail without writing a single word.

The worded story of midnight snack puzzled my grandchildren greatly. The wordless book presents the salvation message using five colored pages to represent heaven and gods love, the darkness of sin, the blood of christ, a clean heart and christian growth. Eleanor harwood sharing gospel with child, mobile, al. The red balloon by french filmmaker albert lamorisse a favorite from my. The wordless water bottle is based on the same colors as the classic gospel tool, the wordless book. I have truly discovered so many authors and so many great books because i was constantly on the look out for wordless picture books. Small 2 x 3 please note how many how to lead a child to christ leaflets you need. The wordless book, first designed with only three pagesblack, red, and white was introduced by charles spurgeon in 1866. The black page reminded him of his sin, the red represented christs blood shed for him, and the. The benefits of wordless picture books brain power boy. Make the wordless book wordless bracelet teen missions. There are three ways i usually read wordless books. The wordless book tells the greatest story ever told. Fanny would bring forth her wordless book and tell them the story again and again.

The book abuser is a young library visitor with a mop of black hair who grabs a blue book while the others flee all of the books have expressive faces and sticklike appendages. Others commented that their kids didnt like books without text. Amy carmichael and her helper made a satin flag of gold, black, red, and white. Wordless picture books are something children can enjoy for many years. The reading of wordless picture book is an openended process in which viewers read stories by bringing their background experiences and. Hands down, the coolest wordless book i have ever seen. What a beautiful sight it was, this morning, when we looked out, and saw the ground all covered with snow. If you have other tips for presenting the story, id love to have you share them with us in the comments. Wordless picture books are valuable tools for literacy development as they engage children, regardless of reading level, in prediction, critical thinking, meaning making and storytelling. The wordless book is not only for children, it is also an effective tool to reach adults.

The first and maybe the most common approach is to simply narrate the illustrations. Wordless book colors the wordless book is an amazing tool that you can use to share gods wonderful plan with everyone you meet. In it he told of an old unnamed minister who had put three coloured pages together black, red and white and often looked at them to remind himself of his sinfulness, of christs blood shed for him, and the cleansing provided. The magic of wordless picture books the childrens book. He used a piece of black paper, red paper and white paper to share gods plan for salvation. Wordless picture books for preschoolers prek pages. I hope this will help you present the wordless book gospel with confidence. Have a small paper bag with coins or gold jewellery in it. Aug 16, 2009 please watch the whole video and share it. When considering using this method to share the gospel, think about whether the children you are sharing with will understand your explanation of each of the colors if the children relate the colors to different ethnic groups, then perhaps dont use this. Wordless books also provide an easy entry for young readers to be the authors and illustrators of their very own stories.

Instead, wordless books rely on the illustrations to draw readers into the tales they tell. Wordless books are illustrated books for kids that allow students to create an original story based on pictures from pages of an actual book. First used by charles spurgeon in 1866, the wordless book has become a very popular tool used all over the world to explain the plan of salvation to kids using the gospel colors. History of the wordless book the wordless book is believed to have first been used by charles spurgeon in 1866 at the metropolitan tabernacle in london. Preaching at the metropolitan tabernacle in london, his sermon was entitled the wordless book. The story that missionaries leave all for in order to tell to people in other countries.

Child evangelism fellowship cef began to print the wordless book in the united states in 1939. I like them for many reasons but the main one is the wonderful possibilities presented when reading them. This is a training video for cef teachers to give an example of how to tell the story of the wordless book to children in a street fair setting. Hello friends, here is a color version of the story of the wordless book tract that you can download and use in ministry. Slaters the bored book wordless story seems headed toward a lesson about mistreating library books, but the lesson turns out to be one of surprising compassion. Large groups, small groups, and oneonone situations are just a few examples of its usefulness. Each color of the wordless book represents an important bible truth about salvation. This brings me to the white leaf of the wordless book, which is just as full of instruction as either the black leaf or the red one. The wordless book page h ave you ever seen this simple evangelistic tool. Our favorite wordless picture books reading rockets.

Read on to learn how to make your own wordless book. By continuing to use this site, we assume you consent for cookies to be used. The wordless book evangelism bible tract for children. Training in effective methods for using the wordless book is now available online for free through the childrens ministries institute. Perhaps you enjoy reading an exciting adventure, maybe you like comics. Free wordless book training child evangelism fellowship. The story of the wordless book berean bible ministries. However, wordless picture books can be a very enjoyable and beneficial addition to your childs bookshelf, whatever your childs age. See more ideas about wordless book, wordless picture books and books. All you christian youtubers, could you send this video to all your friends, please and thank you. Printable links for wordless book gospel colors resources. The beginning of the story is the same as the ending. I admit that it took me some time before i learned to enjoy reading wordless books and it wasnt until i felt comfortable with the format that my kids started to enjoy them, too. Have you ever peeked at the back page of a book to see if the ending is happy or sad.

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